Excerpt from "Running Amok with the Artists Drawing Club," by Sarah Hotchkiss in KQED Arts, May 31, 2014

Hughen/Starkweather's Re:depiction, six elegant works on paper with accompanying audio tracks. The large pigment prints, each 48 by 36 inches, hung on either side of the museum's grand staircase. Opposite each colorful and highly detailed blend of line and brushwork was a pair of headphones, linked to each artwork by a matching sticker. .... As a collaborative, Hughen/Starkweather's work with the museum, its staff, and the public is a fluid expansion of their practice. A handout available the night of the event invited the public to participate in a similar process of narration and description, highlighting their own picks from the museum. But even without this added layer of interactivity,Re:depiction, an intimate transformation of the museum's collection by those most intimately involved in its upkeep, was a great pleasure.

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